Safety Vest


To maintain safety for the humans, while they work in close collaboration with mobile robots, a mandatory Safety Vest has to be worn. Equipped with sensors it enables to locate the human and to communicate with other systems.

The localization of the human worker is needed for the Fleet Management System in Safety Level C for route optimization. Sensors on the Safety Vest provide object tracking as needed in Safety Level B as well as the awareness of robot proximity as needed for Safety Level A.

The result is a 3-layered safety system where the most outer layer – Level C – will try to prevent human-robot encounters by optimal routing of robots and humans, Level B will warn humans and machines about possible encounters that could not be prevented by Level C and ultimately Level A will shut down the specific robot and ensure functional safety when Level C and B failed to prevent an encounter.


Contact Partners:

Josip Babić
Koncar- Electrical Engineering Institute
Zagreb, Croatia

Sören Kerner
Fraunhofer IML
Dortmund, Germany