Public Deliverables

 Scenario and Use-Case Definition: D1.1

 Planning Task specification: D3.1

 A simulation-based test environment for a heterogeneous warehouse system – version 1: D3.2

 Multi-objective multi-constrained large-scale planning: D3.3

 Human-aware planning: D3.5

Prototype demonstrator of 2D/3D-GUI interaction concepts: D4.5

Prototype demonstrator of AR based interaction concepts: D4.6

Implementation of the human intention recognition system: D4.7

Guidelines for Personal Safety in Flexible Automated Warehouses: D5.1

System Integration Test Plan: D6.4

Web-Site: D7.1

Data management plan (DMP): D7.2

Promotional Material: D7.3

 Events, Seminars and Conferences: D7.4

Dissemination Report I: D7.6