Public Datasets

Decentralized Fleet Management System Evaluation

The dataset contains measurements from evaluating the performance of the decentralized Fleet Management System as well as a comparison of the communication overhead of ROS versus ROS 2 for the use in the FMS. All details are available here.

Safety Vest Localization

The following three datasets have been produced within the Safelog project for the evaluation of the developed algorithm which estimates the location of humans in the warehouse environments:

Fraunhofer IML dataset

Swisslog dataset

Zagreb dataset

Warehouse Models and Simulation Configurations

This dataset comprises warehouse models and simulation configurations for Remcon Wireless InSite suite used in evaluating UWB signal propagation in warehouse environment. All details are available here.

Benchmark maps and assignments for multi-agent pathfinding

The dataset is used for benchmarking of multi-agent path planning algorithms. Specifically, the dataset consists of a set of 21 maps with increasing density and a set of 500 random assignments, each for a group of 100 agents for planning on each of the maps. All details are available here.